Ypres 7.5k & 14k

Results – Ypres 7.5k (Belgium), 11/9/16 – Laura Conway 30:53, Simon Lovell 42:44.
A great run over the 7.5k distance by Laura and Simon. Following a scenic route alongside the waterways of Ypres, the course weaved through the city centre and passed through the famous Menin Gate.
Well done all!
#greenarmyrunning #lestweforget #meningate

Results – Ypres 14k (Belgium), 11/9/16 – Lee Whitton 58:29, Leah Short 69:07, Dave Richmond 74:48.
Super running all round from our trio of #teameye runners taking part in the 14km distance in Ypres. The course followed a scenic and historical route around Ypres including the Menin Gate. A big Belgian chocolate thank you for the great support from the #greenarmy support crew for the runners taking part in the 7.5km, 14km and marathon distances in Ypres.
Well done all!
#lestweforget #inflandersfields #continentalrunning #greenarmyontour

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