WiTri Novice Triathlon (Whittlesey)

Results – WiTri Novice Triathlon (Whittlesey), (200m swim, 4km bike, 2km run) 13/8/16 – Laura Conway 31:43 (4:54 swim, 16:12 bike, 9:24 run), Denisa Faragova 34:17 (4:03 swim, 15:25 bike, 11:56 run), Steph Hall 37:00 (4:58 swim, 18:55 bike, 10:47 run), Natasha Newitt 38:58 (5:25 swim, 18:36 bike, 11:55 run), Marlena Koralewska 40:59 (11:58 swim, 15:27 bike, 11:14 run).
Superb efforts all round from our #teameye ladies at this popular annual event. We know they all like running of course, and some a cycle or swim now & again, but our #greenarmy runners put it all together and turned triathletes for a day! A 200m swim, 4km bike and 2km run was on the cards for those having a taster of triathlon for the first time. A fantastic first lady finish for Laura too!
Well done all!
#greenarmy #swimbikerun #morethanjustrunning


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