Werrington GP series #5

Results – Werrington GP series #5 3k, 2/8/17 – Benjamin Ball 14:29, Aiden Kirby 15:56, Leah Keegan 16:41, Jessica Ingram 16:55, Hannah Casbon 17:27, Owen Keegan 18:42, Caitlin Rookyard 19:13.
Fantastic running from our younger members of the #greenarmy at the final race of the GP series for this year. Werrington was where it was all happening for a Wednesday evening 3k. Great work #greenarmy!
Well done all!
#summerholidaysrunning #gpseries #greenarmy

Results – Werrington GP series #5 5k, 2/8/17 – Martyn Fox 18:49, Matt Edwards 19:51, Pete Jeffery 20:22, Stewart Clarke 20:57, Mick Davies 21:18, Laura Whitton 21:21, James Barnett 21:21, Mike Wright 21:32, Darren Jackson 21:53, Nigel Cronin 22:21, Terry Fone 22:22, Alison Dunphy 22:52, Leah Short 22:57, Matthew Ball 23:08, Peter Ridley 23:43, Gary Parr 23:46, Megan Ellershaw 24:00, Jay Langdon 24:08, Mark Martin 24:22, Dom Goy 25:54, Nicola Goy 26:21, Carl Golder 26:31, Les Henson 27:01, Micaela Parr 27:37, Tracey Rookyard 29:16, Natasha Newitt 29:17, Kathryn Chamberlain 30:08, Denisa Faragova 31:00, Sue Ridley 33:55, Sarah Jane Gill 33:55, Linda Threadgold 37:02, Sarah Short 37:03. 

A bumper edition of #greenarmy runners for the fifth and final race of the GP series this year at Werrington. Top running from everyone across the whole series of races. A special mention for our catgory winners Alison Dunphy (2nd V45), Sue Ridley (3rd V65), Terry Fone (1st V70) and Peter Ridley (3rd V70) on their success in the 2017 5k GP series. In addition, Ellen Ellard took 1st prize in the U17 category.
Well done all!
#greenarmy #summerrunning #gperies #rollonnextyear

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