Werrington GP Series #5 3k & 5k

Results – Werrington GP Series #5 3k, 3/8/16 – Jacob Carty 13:08, Joshua Carty 15:39, Aiden Kirby 16:12, Hannah Casbon 16:23, Lucy Rowe 16:43, Amy Blackledge 17:35.
Superb efforts all round from our younger ‪#‎teameye‬ runners at the final meet of the ‪#‎gpseries‬ in Werrington this week. Our ‪#‎greenarmy‬ junior members had energy by the bucket full to not only run in the 3k but then to loudly cheer on the grown up #greenarmy in the 5k. Teamwork at it’s best!
Well done all!
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Results – Werrington GP Series #5 5k, 3/8/16 – Darren Hillier 19:13, Lee Whitton 20:24, Peter Kirwin 20:55, Laura Conway 21:23, Andy Short 21:42, Cathy Threadgold 21:56 (PB), Fergus Barratt 22:42, Leah Short 22:45, David Ainslie 22:47, James Constable 22:49, Terry Fone 22:56, Tony Gray 24:19, Marlena Koralewska 25:03, Becky Allam 25:25, John Airey 26:41, Hilary Ainslie 26:47, Adam Blake 26:57, Gill Bates 27:03, Michaela Giles 27:10, Helen Casbon 27:26, Mandy Tropenano 27:43, Tracy Rookyard 28:26, Linda Threadgold 28:55, Denisa Faragova 29:45, Caroline Carty 32:39, Sharon Blackledge 35:27, Mandy Tadman 37:31, Wendy Benton 38:02, Matt Benton 38:02.

On a windy Wednesday evening in Werrington, the ‪#‎greenarmy‬ were out in full force for the final 5k in the GP series. Whether it be a new pb (or very close to a new one!), a super sprint finish, an evenly split paced race or a return to running, a top evening for ‪#‎teameye‬. Fantastic cheer squad as usual too!
Well done all!
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