Werrington 5 mile Guesstimate

Results – Werrington 5 mile guesstimate, 25/7/17 – Mark Wareham 37:03 (37 sec diff), Mike Wright 38:09 (171 sec diff), James Constable 39:07 (32 sec diff), Andy Short 40:49 (137 sec diff), Matt Benton 44:48 (94 sec diff), John Airey 47:17 (83 sec diff), Dave Richmond 47:50 (90 sec diff), Steve Booth 47:50 (148 sec diff), Jay Langdon 48:19 (411 sec diff), Simon Lovell 53:01 (134 sec diff).
It was an all boys night out on Tuesday for the 5 miles guesstimate in Werrington. No watches,no gps, just guess your time and off you go. A bottle of wine for James and a packet of wine gummies for Jay for their closest (& furthest) guestimate efforts for ECR!
Well done all!
#justrun #greenarmy


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