Weekly Roundup 8th October 2020

Well done to the fourteen members who completed their virtual marathons last weekend with 13 taking part in VMLM with a further member a virtual Peterborough marathon. We also had Diane Morris, not content with one marathon at the weekend but 2! The marathon at any time requires both endurance and mental strength, running the distance without people around even more so and the 14 can be rightly proud of their achievements. Well done also to the support crews.

VMLM Virtual London Marathon: 4/10/20 – James Borrett 3:18:00, Wayne Bradley 3:25:55, Sam Cullen 3:28:17, Carl Golder 4:19:09, Roy Young 4:21:04, Terry Fone 5:20:41, Elaine Mcmillan 5:29:22, Aimee Parkin 5:53:32, Christopher Rowe 6:07:28, Liam Parkin 6:35:25, Elizabeth Kirby 7:03:39, Rebecca Walker 9:06:53, David Stunell 11:19:44
Peterborough Virtual Marathon: 4/10/20 – Matt Thompson 4:06:57
Gin Pit Double Marathon (Astley): 3-4/10/20 – Diane Morris (Day 1) 4:51:10, (Day 2) 4:55:

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