Weekly Roundup 27th May 2021

Well done to everyone who took part in the Peterborough Marathon, some excellent times. Thank you also to the ECR members who volunteered to make sure the event ran smoothly.


Peterborough Marathon: 23/05/21 – Karl Bolderson 3:18:59, Darren Ping 3:35:22, Marc Joyce 3:44:43, Joanna Shevlin 3:45:03, John Airey 4:20:29 (PB), Joseph Keegan 4:24:46, Danielle Randall 4:47:43

Ely Tri Club 115 Squadron Duathlon: 09/05/21 – Swim 5km/ Cycle 25km/ Run 5km
Gill Bates 30:31/(2:26)/1:05:35/(2:04)/31:22 – 2hr12min00sec Tracy Rookyard27:58/(2:13)/1:08:08/(2:14)/34:34 – 2hr15min19sec

Rutland Borders Sportive 52 Miles: 23/05/21  Gill Bates 4hr30, Tracy Rookyard 4hr55min

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