Thorney 5 miles

Results – Thorney 5 miles, 14/8/16 – Terry Fone 36:39, Roy Young 37:56, Peter Ridley 38:05, John Airey 43:31, Gill Bates 45:20, Mandy Tropeano 45:54, Denisa Faragova 46:38, Marlena Koralewska 46:38, Sue Ridley 53:22, Yvonne Goodsell 54:34, Pamela Wren 64:34.
On a warm Sunday morning last weekend, our terrific #teameye runners could be found tearing their way round the fast & flat 5 mile course of the Thorney road race.
Well done all!
#greenarmy #thorneyrunning #sundayrunday

thorney516 thorney5166 thorney51666

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