Thorney 10k & 3k

Results – Thorney 10k, 03/04/16 – Ben Heron 34:16 (PB), Lee Whitton 41:49, Nigel Walls 42:50, Steve Keegan 44:21 (PB), Laura Conway 46:40, Terry Fone 46:49, Simon King 48:07, Mel Tindale 48:35, Pete Ridley 49:06, Fergus Barratt 50:43, Becky Allam 53:25, Darren Barratt 57:39 (PB), Tracy Rookyard 58:41 (PB), Tess Hammond 59:57 (PB), Adam Blake 61:11, Simon Lovell 61:19, Carmel Keegan 62:09 (PB), Di Gill 63:01, Sue Ridley 65:02, Sue Barham 71:03, Amie Clow 71:04, Hannah Barnard 79:50 (PB).
A local fast and flat road race saw several members of the ‪#‎greenarmy‬ out for a run today. With the wind behind them (& in front) on this out and back course, many a PB were blown away too. A brilliant 5 minutes off his PB for Darren and congratulations to Ben Heron speeding home in 3rd place overall.
Well done all!
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Results – Thorney 3k, 03/04/16 – Jasmine Heron 15:08 (PB), Leah Keegan 15:09, Luke Harding 15:50, Sienna Martingetti 17:29, William King 19:43, Nathaniel King 25:21, Anna King 25:21.
A great turnout for ‪#‎teameye‬ in the 3k distance at Thorney at the weekend.
Well done all!
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