Swavesey Half

Results -Swavesey half marathon (near Cambridge), 19/3/17 – Peter Kirwin 1:30:38, Al Dales 1:34:18, Martyn Fox 1:36:49, Andy Short 1:37:19, Terry Fone 1:44:48, Mike Blackledge 1:50:03,Billy Fox 1:52:00, Leah Short 1:58:24, Melanie Tindale 1:59:13, James Constable 2:03:01, Marlena Koralewska 2:04:51, John Airey 2:06:21, Becky Allam 2:06:53, Tracy Rookyard 2:26:17, Hannah Barnard 2:48:13, Linda Threadgold 2:48:17.
Windy was the order of the day today over in Swavesey where the #greenarmy was out in force. Starting from Swavesey Village College, the #teameye runners followed a route of very mixed terrain on a 2 lap course. Quiet roads, undulating footpaths, farm tracks, grassy fields and wind; there was a bit of everything today and of course 13.1 miles full of #greenarmy determination and a lot more wind!
Well done all!
#windyrunning #sundayrunday #greenarmy

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