Stamford GP series #4

Results – Stamford GP series #4 5k, 19/7/17 – Pete Jeffrey 21:13, Stewart Clarke 21:27, Mick Davies, 21:48, James Barnett 22:02, Andy Short 22:08, Terry Fone 23:09, Leah Short 23:10, Alison Dunphy 23:32, Megan Ellershaw 24:34, Gary Parr 24:50, Becky Allam 25:28, Nicola Goy 26:52, Marlena Koralewska 26:56, Matt Benton 27:07, Steph Ellard 28:32, Natasha Newitt 28:51, Sarah Short 36:20.
The 4th race of the GP series saw the #greenarmy running in Stamford last Wednesday evening. Great running all round on this course as our runners were treated to a few ups and downs on this one.
Well done all!
#midweekrunning #gpseries #greenarmy

Results – Stamford GP series #4 3k, 19/7/17 – George Benton 16:02, Leah Keegan 17:26, Owen Keegan 19:57.
Super stuff from our younger #teameye runners last week in the 4th race of the GP series at Stamford.
Well done all!
#greenarmy #wednesdayrunning

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