Stamford GP Series

Results – GP Series 3 (Stamford) 3k, 6/7/16 – George Benton 16:06, Aiden Kirby 16:18, Hannah Casbon 17:25.
Our tremendous ‪#‎teameye‬ trio did themselves proud at the 3rd race of the series in Stamford last week. Super striding and fantastic finishes from all of our younger runners last Wednesday evening.
Well done all!
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Results – GP Series 3 (Stamford) 5k, 6/7/16 – Isaac Ellard 17:15, Lee Whitton 21:06, Fergus Barratt 22:16, Mick Davies 22:23, Matt Ball 22:32, Leah Short 22:58, Terry Fone 23:22, David Ainslie 23:41, Luke Harding 24:40, Becky Allam 25:24, Caroline Geddes 25:27, Michaela Giles 26:10, Gill Bates 26:29, Adam Blake 27:54, Mandy Tropeano 27:56, Hilary Ainslie 27:58, Sarah Bird 28:23, Denisa Faragova 29:28, Helen Casbon 30:18.
Great efforts all round from our ‪#‎greenarmy‬ runner & some fabulous support last Wednesday evening at the 3rd race of the 5k Grand Prix series in Stamford.
Well done all!
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