St Valentines 30k (Stamford)

Results – St Valentines 30k (Stamford), 12/2/16 – James Borrett 1:59:27, Suzy West 2:07:11, Peter Kirwin 2:14:16, Mick Davies 2:35:50 (PB), Laura Whitton 2:38:10 (PB), Lee Whitton 2:38:10, Mike Blackledge 2:38:41 (PB), Darren Jackson 2:38:58, Andy Sharpe 2:39:50, Martin Lainsbury 3:01:27, Sharon Stancer 3:45:40 (PB), Darren Barratt 3:46:16.
Sunday was definitely one of those days you could happily stay inside, all cosy and warm. Not for our hardy #teameye runners though, who were out braving the winter elements around 30k of Stamford’s country roads. It was cold, it was hilly, it was wet, it was windy. Some wondered if they would ever feel warm again. For some their longest run to date, for some it was more marathon miles in the legs. Absolutely amazing efforts from everyone on a very challenging course.
Well done all!
#fortheloveofrunning #greenarmy #stamford30k

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