Sandy 10 mile

Results – Sandy 10 mile, 8/4/18 – James BORRETT 1:00:26, Cornell GRIERSON 1:06:31, Samantha CULLEN 1:07:36, Cathy THREADGOLD 1:14:27, Stewart CLARKE 1:16:47, Roy YOUNG 1:17:56, Gary PARR 1:18:16, Billy FOX 1:19:58, Terry FONE 1:21:45, Tracey BARNES 1:25:00, Megan ELLERSHAW 1:28:06, Elaine MCMILLAN 1:28:19, Dom GOY 1:28:33, Loz CARTY 1:31:54, Marlena KORALEWSKA 1:33:18, Gill BATES 1:39:05, Stuart BARNES 1:40:43, Bernadette FITZHARRIS 1:42:27, Laura TRUSS 1:46:25, Sarah SHORT 1:50:28, Linda THREADGOLD 1:50:40, Christopher ROWE 1:55:49
A gentle spritz of light drizzle prevented our #teameye runners from getting too overheated at the Sandy 10 mile race on Sunday! The scenic route took runners out into the countryside for a loop around the villages of Everton and Gamlingay before a welcome little downhill section towards the finish. A great turnout for ECR and some excellent times!
Well done all!
#sandy10 #greenarmy

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