Ramsey Abbey 10k & fun run

Results – Ramsey Abbey 10k, 24/6/18 – Sam Cullen 41:14 (1st FO), Nick Wilkins 43:29, Cathy Threadgold 44:02 (PB), Stewart Clarke 44:07, Roy Young 45:18 (2nd M60), Andy Short 45:24, Nick Pearson 45:57, Peter Ridley 47:29 (1st M70), Alison Dunphy 49:01 (3rd F45), Emma Richmond 49:12 (PB), Mick Davies 49:12, Tracey Barnes 50:59, Megan Ellershaw 51:13, Elaine McMillan 52:51, Gary Parr 53:06, Marlena Koralewska 53:54, Les Henson 54:27, Stuart Barnes 57:47 (PB), Terry Fone 59:44, Laura Truss 1:00:59, Bernadette Fitzharris 1:01:43, Emma Parkes 1:02:41, Tracy Rookyard 1:04:23, Linda Threadgold 1:04:29, Sarah Short 1:07:00 Diane Constable 1:07:15, Sue Ridley 1:09:13 (3rd F65), Penny Rowe 1:33:09
Plenty of super results for a great turnout of #teameye runners at the Abbey 10k. The course followed a loop around the scenic Cambridgeshire countryside with far-reaching views of the route and the colourful stream of faster runners in the distance!
#abbey10k #greenarmy

Results – Ramsey Abbey 2.1k fun run, 24/6/18 – Ryan Ingram 8:56, Jessica Ingram 10:16, Mylea Burchett 10:21
Super running by #teameye runners at the Abbey 2.1k fun run with great results from Ryan, Jessica and Mylea.
Well done all!
#ecrthefuture #abbeyfunrun

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