Race The Train

Results – Race the Train – Dolgoch Challenge 5.5 miles (Tywyn, Wales), 20/8/16 – Laura Conway 43:48.
After a train ride to the start of the course, this challenging route took #teameye Laura across fields, rough pastures, farm tracks, up steep climbs, down fast descents, through a ford and finally back to the Welsh seaside town of Tywyn, all while chasing the train back. Not many people beat the train, but Laura did, and was first lady to finish too!
Well done Laura!
#greenarmy #beatthetrain #firstlady

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Results – Race the Train 14 miles (Tywyn, Wales), 20/8/16 – Lee Whitton 1:50:41, Nigel Walls 1:58:12, James Constable 2:24:01.
On the sound of the whistle both the train and runners set off from a very wet & windy Welsh Tywyn. After a short road section our #teameye trio were faced with the best steep climbs, sloping hillsides, narrow tracks and muddy trails the Welsh valleys had to offer, with the wind and rain adding to the challenge. Only around 10% of runners actually beat the train, and Lee was within 2 minutes! A great run from all of the #greenarmy runners on a very challenging course in tough weather conditions.
Well done all!
#greenarmyontour #racethetrain #wetwindywelshrunning

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