Peterborough Parkrun 29/11/14

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 29/11/14 – William Fox 20:32, Andy Short 21:14, Mike Wright 21:55 (PB), Billy Fox 21:57 (PB), Terry Fone 22:20, James Constable 23:41 (PB), Tony Gray 24:06, Nigel Walls 26:06 (Pacer), Gill Bates 26:11 (PB), Mick Davies 26:21 (PB), Deborah Nolan, 26:42 (PB), Jane Masters 27:11, Michaela Giles 27:25, Simon Lovell 28:32, John Tague 28:41 (PB), Gary Parr 29:13 (Pacer), Sarah Short 29:51, Linda Threadgold 30:01, Jonathan Creedon 30:29 (First Timer), Joshua Creedon 32:55 (First Timer), Lucie Creedon 36:00 (First Timer) & Lorraine Creedon 36:07 (First Timer). 7 shiny new PB’s and 4x #teamcreedon making a first parkrun appearance! 90 ECR members have now taken part in Peterborough parkrun! Volunteering today we had Gordon, Leah, Becky, Sarah C, Ellie, Diane, Mark Walls, Nigel, Michaela & Gary. Well done all and same again next Saturday….

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