Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 28/4/18 – Isaac ELLARD 16:58 (1st place), Roy YOUNG 22:58, Matthew BALL 24:49, Laura TRUSS 28:37, Mark WISHART 28:38, Jessica INGRAM 29:18, Anna KING 30:10, Tanya RUDD 35:33, Kathy SHIELS 36:14, Penny ROWE 41:46, Lorna YOUNG 42:52.
A first place finish for Isaac and volunteering this week we had James, Rob and Roy.
Well done all!
#peterboroughparkrun #teameye

Results – Central Park junior parkrun, 28/4/18 – William King 10:26, Jonah Carty 11:07, Isaac Dales 11:27, James Carty 12:22, Caitlin Rookyard 12:44, Jessica Ingram 12:54, Nathaniel King 13:47 (PB), Jake Benton 15:51, Jasmine Barnard 23:05.
A new PB for Nathaniel and volunteering this week we had Hannah, Dianne, Katie, Loz, Caroline, James, Jonah, Jacob, Joshua, Steph, Simon, Gordon, Penny, Joanna and Rebecca.
Well done all!
#centralpark #loveparkrun #teameye

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