Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 17/2/18 – Isaac ELLARD 16:50 (1st place, David STUNELL 17:36 (2nd place), Mark WISHART 18:25 (PB & 4th place), Wayne BRADLEY 19:45, Craig SELLS 21:22 (PB), Nick PEARSON 21:35, Roy YOUNG 23:19, Dominic GOY 25:34, Terry FONE 25:36, Lisa ELIA 25:54, Emma RICHMOND 26:10, Jessica INGRAM 27:25, Megan ELLERSHAW 27:31, Stewart CLARKE 27:33, Dave RICHMOND 28:03, Bernadette FITZHARRIS 28:35, Simon GOOCH 28:49, Natasha NEWITT 30:09, Deborah COOK 30:29, Elaine MCMILLAN 31:38, Joanna SELLS 31:48, Peter RIDLEY 31:53, Carl GOLDER 33:39, Sharon STANCER 33:56, Sue RIDLEY 36:50, Helen AIREY 36:53, Kathy SHIELS 37:10, Lorna YOUNG 43:06, Katie BRENNAND 43:07, Penny ROWE 43:13, Steve ALLAM 61:46.
A 1st place for Isaac, a 2nd place for Dave and a 4th place for Mark, plus new PB’s for Mark and Craig! Volunteering this week we had James and Lorna.
Well done all!
#loveparkrun #hivisheroes

Results – Central Park junior parkun, 18/2/18 – Angus Keegan 8:47 (4th place), Benjamin Fox 10:54 (PB), Frankie Fox 13:15, Jasmine Barnard 18:28.
A new PB for Benjamin and 4th place for Angus.Well done! Volunteering this week we had Jasmine, Gordon, Dianne, Katie and Hannah, who was selected as parkrun’s volunteer of month. Great work Hannah!
#loveparkrun #hivisheroes #voluncheers

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