Perkins Anna’s Hope 5k Fun Run (Peterborough)

Results – Perkins Anna’s Hope 5k Fun Run (Peterborough), 9/10/16 – Isaac Ellard 16:43, Dominic Fitzharris 19:19, Jacob Carty 22:05, Fergus Barratt 22:57, William West-Robinson 23:12, Natalie Ellen 23:33, Luke Harding 24:45, Sophie Ellen 25:46, Jasmine Heron 26:02, Bonnie Heron 26:16, Joshua Carty 26:47, Mylea Burchett 27:57, Adam Drummond 28:25, Nessa Winters 28:50, Joshua Creedon 29:19, Lucy Rowe 29:24, Katie Rowe 29:28, Hannah Casbon 29:28 (PB), Molly Cobbin 29:44, Lucie Creedon 29:52, Iwona Drummond 30:13, Ella Drummond 30:13, Millie Bateman 31:21, Kirsten Bateman 31:23, Siena Martignetti 32:19, Stefan Fellows 35:34.
Fantastic running all round from the #teameye runners in the 5k Fun Run. Starting and finishing on The Embankment and running through the crowds on Cathedral Square, our fun runners had cheers all the way! And following on from Isaac’s first place finish at Frostbite last weekend, he claimed the no.1 finish spot here too!
Well done all!
#peterboroughrunning #sundayrunday #teameye

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