Paras 10 Hell Down South

Results – Paras 10 Hell Down South (Longmoor Camp, Hampshire), 18/11/17 – Chris Walls 2:01:07, Nigel Walls 2:13:52 (35lb tab).
This pair of #teameye runners meant business on their outing to the Paras 10 ‘Hell Down South’ event. This tough 10-mile course over military land featured the infamous Bog of Doom, Lucifer’s Lido and the Hills of Hell. With plenty of water, dry-ice and mud along the way to add to the challenge, not forgetting Nigel’s 35lb tab he was carrying too! A superb day of running for #teamwalls with Chris finishing 11th overall & Nigel taking the 2nd place Veteran spot and 15th place overall in the tab category.
Well done #teamwalls!
#paras10 #morethanjustrunnin #helldownsouth


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