Nene Park Frostbite Friendly

Results – Nene Park Frostbite Friendly – Seniors, 15/01/17 – Finishing positions – Ben Heron 26, James Borrett 29, Suzy West 43, Martyn Fox 61, Dave Stunell 90, Lee Whitton 103, Ed Fancourt 108, Nigel Walls 120, Peter Kirwin 128, Dominic Fitzharris 129, Cornell Grierson 131, Sarah Overington 142, Jon Bales 143, Alastair Dales 144, Andy Short 150, Stuart Clarke 159, Laura Whitton 175, Mike Wright 178, Steve Ellen 197, Ellen Ellard 204, Billy Fox 210, Tracey Barnes 224, Peter Ridley 227, Loz Carty 244, Terry Fone 250, Tony Gray 251, Jon Creedon 255, James Constable 257, Roy Young 258, Iwona Drummond 271, Martin Lainsbury 279, Simon King 281, Leah Short 303, Louise Wooley 306, Deborah Nolan 312, Becky Allam 316, Georgia Bodily 331, Elaine Macmillan 334, Gary Parr 338, Steve Booth 339, Alison Dunphy 346, Kirsty Morris 359, Stephanie Ellard 371, Gill Bates 372, Tessa Hammond 374, Tracey Rookyard 382, Nicola Goy 383, Paul Barnes 384, Bonnie Heron 390, Mark Wells 397, Darren Barratt 398, Denisa Faragova 401, Adam Blake 404, Mandy Tropeano 412, Sue Heron 421, Simon Lovell 426, Linda Threadgold 429, Sue Ridley 436, Adrian Ash 443, Caroline Carty 450, Lesley Fox 453, Hannah Barnard 454, Sharon Stancer 455, Sharon Ash 456.
What a super Sunday that was! A fantastic 64 #teameye runners took part in the fourth frostbite race this season with a return visit to the mud of Nene Park. Fantastic running efforts all round, with Suzy finishing as 1st lady on the day and lots of strong sprint finishes across the field. #teameye finished in 4th position on the day and currently sit 7th overall in the league. A special mention to all those #greenarmy runners taking part in their first frostbite too.
See you at Bourne Woods on 5th February!
Well done!
#greenarmy #frostbite #muddygoodfun #everybodycounts


Results – Nene Park Frostbite Friendly – Juniors, 15/01/17 – Finishing positions – Connor Cassar 44, Elizabeth Taylor 54, Jacob Carty 109, Sophie Ellen 121, Joshua Carty 135, Jasmine Heron 142, Adam Drummond 143, Leah Keegan 157.
Tremendous running efforts all round from our younger members of #teameye on Sunday. It was cold, it was wet, it was muddy but that didn’t stop our #greenarmy frostbiters from doing themselves proud. Everybody earned their souvenir mud in true frostbite style! Flying feet everywhere! #teameye juniors finished in 13th position on the day and currently sit 12th in league after 4 races.
See you at Bourne Woods on 5th February!
Well done all!
#greenarmy #lovemud #flyingfeet #everybodycounts #teameyeteamwork

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