Needles Half Marathon

Results – Needles half marathon (Isle of Wight), 3/6/18 – James Barnett 1:43:36, Matt Edwards 1:46:20, Andy Short 1:54:06, Craig Sells 1:58:43, Sam Whitmore 2:06:12, Leah Short 2:06:12, Joanna Sells 2:39:01, Elaine McMillan 2:39:02.
Described as one of the toughest and most scenic half marathons in the country, our #greenarmy runners were taken over downs and heathland, past historic monuments, along beaches and past The Needles. Fantastic running all round in very warm conditions and with top cheering from the support crew.
Well done all!
#IOWrunning #lovehills #teameye

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