Peterborough Christmas Day Parkrun results…

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 25/12/14 – Nigel Walls 19:47 (PB), Andy Short 21:05, Terry Fone 22:24, Dave Richmond 23:31 (PB with Izzy), James Constable 23:35 (PB), Sam Whitmore 23:45 (PB), Gordon Pearson 23:47 (Pacer), Leah Short 24:23, Gary Parr 26:49, Mike Blackledge 27:05, Michaela Giles 27:05, John Airey 27:19, Jane Masters 27:42, Gill Bates 27:43, Cathy Threadgold 29:35, Linda Threadgold 29:36, Sarah Short 30:34, Adam Short 30:34, Becky Allam 30:42, Diane Constable 30:54, Helen John 30:55, Adrian Ash 34:14, Helen Airey 35:46 & Sharon Ash 36:47. 4 Shiny Xmas Day PB’s including Nige’s pic below and Sam W’s by 3 mins 4 secs…Today volunteering we had Gary, Michaela, Amanda Walls, Gordon & Lizzy Threadgold…who was drafted in by Linda/Cathy…we have had 96 different ECR members take part in Pboro parkrun….just 4 to go to hit 100…spread the word!…see you Saturday.


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