Market Deeping 3k & 10k

Results – Market Deeping 3k, 22/5/16 – Jasmine Heron 14:29 (PB), Leah Keegan 14:30, Luke Harding 15:32, Joshua Carty 16:58, Adam Drummond 17:00, William King 18:03, Hannah Casbon 18:43, James Carty 19:28, Jonah Carty 19:52, Pippin the Bear 19:52, Loz Carty 19:52, Owen Keegan 19:53 (PB), Gordon Pearson 19:54. Some great running and fantastic teamwork from our younger members of the ‪#‎greenarmy‬ at Market Deeping in the weekend sunshine. Shiny new PB’s for Jasmine and Owen, and a special mention to James, Jonah and Pippin the Bear on their first official race.
Well done all!


Results – Market Deeping 10k, 22/5/16 – Tom Howlin 41.19, Andy Short 47.33, Terry Fone 47.34, Deborah Nolan 47.44, Mick Davies 48.00 (PB), Peter Ridley 48.45, Roy Young 49.31, Leah Short 49.34, Chris Hardman 50.28, Diane Gill 53.14, Hayley Greenwood 53.52, John Airey 55.08, Cliff Waters 55.30, Natasha Newitt 55.49 (PB), Gill Bates 57.53, Tracey Rookyard 58.52, Anna King 1.01.29, Simon King 1.03.07, Sue Ridley 1.05.55, Sarah Short 1.06.59, Caroline Carty 1.11.50, Deborah Airey 1.12.10 (PB), Sam Mallia 1.21.08, Hannah Barnard 1.21.09, Diane Constable 1.21.09, Mandy Tadman 1.27.51.
Another sunny day, another great 10k. A very warm run for the ‪#‎greenarmy‬ on this lovely rural course. Fantastic support as always and new PB’s for Natasha, Deborah and Mick.
Well done all!
‪#‎teameye‬ ‪#‎sundayrunday‬

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