March Frostbite results and updates!

Frostbite results from todays race, the 4th in this years series at March. Fantastic Green and Black team effort in the sun with the seniors finishing in 6th place, yes that’s 6th, moving up to 12th overall. 42 Seniors and 7 juniors today.

This is our highest placing for a long while, we finished in 7th place at the Bourne FB in 2002. ‪#‎teameye‬

Frostbite League club table

Updated club members league table can be found on our website’s Frostbite page

Senior Results: 46 Sam White, 50 Dave Stunell, 69 Sam Cullen, 78 Nigel Walls, 96 Richard Abraham, 107 Lee Whitton, 109 Martyn Fox, 120 Sarah Overington, 145 Andy Short, 148 Mike Wright, 184 Billy Fox, 202 Terry Fone, 210 Edd Burrows, 230 Di Gill, 231 Gordon Pearson, 251 Mike Blackledge, 255 Steve Ellen, 270 Sam Whitmore, 271 Cathy Threadgold, 274 James Constable, 278 Mark Wells, 285 Matt Rowe, 293 Leah Short, 298 Deborah Nolan, 299 Gary Parr, 306 Dave Richmond, 308 Amanda Wells, 315 Mick Davies, 351 Becky Allam, 352 Elle Salemme, 361 Petra Ellen, 362 Mandy Tropeano, 364 Michaela Giles, 380 Gill Bates, 401 Linda Oswin, 405 Richard Griffen, 418 Sarah Short, 427 Diane Constable, 428 Helen John, 429 Linda Threadgold, 435 Simon Lovell, 450 Bryan Dudley. Well done all and some great running. Thanks to the supporters club especialy Steph Hall for taking the numbers down.
Junior Results: 102 Ellen Ellard, 121 Natalie Ellen, 130 Sophie Ellen, 151 Katie Rowe, 162 Lucy Rowe, 175 Evie Dawson, 189 Isabel Wells. Well done girls, great running. 13th on day and 14th overall.

Only three weeks until the next one at Bourne on 1st February. Hope to see you there.

Frostbite march

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