Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon

Results – Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon, 16/8/15 – Pete Kirwin 1:24:19, Lee Whitton 1:29:40 (PB), Matt Ball 1:41:02, Steph Hall 1:48:27 (PB), Sam Cullen 1:49:23, Deborah Nolan 1:49:25 (PB), Mike Blackledge 1:50:05, Cathy Threadgold 1:56:38 (PB), Sam Whitmore 1:58:39, Mick Davies 2:00:02, Helen Casbon 2:02:26 (PB), Matt Edwards 2:03:41, Gary Parr 2:18:30 & Linda Threadgold 2:27:34 (PB). What a great morning it was, with 14 running, lots of PB’s. Together with Gordon, Michaela, Marlena, Terry, Laura, Hannah and others supporting cheering and flag waving. ‪#‎teameye‬ ‪#‎greenarmy‬


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