Junior parkrun

RESULTS- Junior parkrun – 26/08/18

Central Park Junior parkrun
Jessica INGRAM- 9.02 (PB) 1st girl
Addison SLEIGHT – 09:14
Issac DALES- 10:05 (PB)
Evison SLEIGHT- 12:20
William KING- 12:58
Jasmine BARNARD 15:55 (PB)
Elijah DALES 16:56

Our juniors were on 🔥🔥 today as they ran around Central Park some great results. Well done all!!
Volunteering we had-
Hannah BARNARD, Dianne BOOTH, Katie SMITH, Anna KING, Elaine MCMILLAN, Penny ROWE, James SELLS, Andrew SMITH, Rebecca WALKER.

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