Huntingdon Parkrun (first of the double on NYD)

Results – Huntingdon parkrun, 1/1/14 – Jake Ellard 21:03 (First Timer), Lee Whitton 21:57 (First Timer), Dave Stunell 21:59 (First Timer), Andy Short 22:22 (First Timer), Nigel Walls 22:29, (First Timer), Mike Wright 24:07 (First Timer). Mike Blackledge 25:00, James Constable 25:34, Gordon Pearson 26:27, Sam Whitmore 26:38 (First Timer), Gary Parr 26:49 (PB), Leah Short 26:57 (First Timer), Michaela Giles 28:39 (PB), Deborah Nolan 28:40 (First Timer), Ellen Ellard 28:53 (First Timer), John Airey 29:00 (First Timer), Steph Ellard 29:17 (First Timer), Diane Constable 32:36, Sarah Short 32:37 (First Timer) & Sarah Cameron 32:39 (First Timer)…Wow 20 out on the first of the double! 14 who were ‘First Timer’s at Hunty and well done to Gary & Michaela for their PB’s.

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