Hinchingbrooke Park Frostbite Friendly

Results – Hinchingbrooke Park Frostbite Friendly – Juniors, 11/12/16 – Finishing positions – Issac Ellard 1, Connor Cassar 48, Jacob Carty 113, Elizabeth Taylor 75, Mylea Burchett 123, Sophie Ellen 127, Alice Clarke 144, Adam Drummond 153, Joshua Carty 154, George Benton 165, Hannah Casbon 183.
In this round of Frostbite bingo, legs eleven was the name of the game! On the 11th of the month, our eleven #teameye juniors finished in 11th place on the day and 10th place overall. Superb running efforts to be proud of from all of our younger #greenarmy runners in slightly chilly and slippery conditions, and another number 1 finish token for Isaac. Next race, Elm Road Sports Field, March, on 15th January. See you there frostbiters!
Well done all!
#greenarmy #everybodycounts #frostbite #bringon2017


Results – Hinchingbrooke Park Frostbite Friendly – Seniors, 11/12/16 – Finishing positions – Ben Heron 1, Dave Stunnell 47, Martyn Fox 54, Nigel Walls 105, Alastair Dales 109, Wayne Bradley 119, Sarah Overington 135, Lee Whitton 136, Tom Howlin 137, Cornell Grierson 154, Peter Kirwin 171, Dominic Fitzharris 177, Laura Conway 187, Steve Ellen 197, Ellen Ellard 198, Laurence Carty 199, Iwona Drummond 211, Tracey Barnes 216, Peter Ridley 217, Sam Whitmore 218, Mike Blackledge 228, James Constable 237, Sam Smith 239, Roy Young 241, Terry Fone 271, Leah Short 278, Natalie Ellen 291, Georgia Bodily 300, Louise Wooley 301, Diane Gill 311, Dave Richmond 333, Gary Parr 336, Stephanie Ellard 340, Marlena Koralewska 341, Elaine Macmillan 349, Gill Bates 356, John Airey 362, Michaela Parr 367, Darren Barratt 369, Tracey Rookyard 380, Matt Benton 381, Paul Barnes 387, Helen Casbon 393, Simon Lovell 394, Richard Griffen 406, Sue Ridley 409.
Mud, mud, glorious mud! Our #teameye seniors did a sterling job finishing in 10th position and 7th overall after 3 races. This is all down to the fantastic running efforts of everyone in #teameye because no matter what your finish position, everybody really does count in frostbite! Special speedy recovery wishes to Matt following his horizontal incident and a detour to nearby Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Next race, Elm Road Sports Field on 15th January. See you there!
Well done all!
#everybodycounts #teameyeteamwork #frostbite #bringon2017

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