Hereward Relay, Peterborough to Ely (approx 38 miles)

Results – Hereward Relay, Peterborough to Ely (approx 38 miles), 27/11/16 – Eyes Forth 5:18:06, Vegan Runners 5:47:17, Eyes Left 5:49:23, Eyes Forward 6:05:56.
Teamwork doesn’t get better than this. Covering over 38 miles from Peterborough to Ely, our 4 tremendous teams did a fantastic job of covering this epic distance in chilly conditions. The self nagivated course took our runners across 4 multi terrain legs from Peterborough to Whittlesey, 6.2m, Whittlesey to March, 10.3m, March to Welney, 10.9, and Welney to Ely 10.9m.
Well done all!
#herewardrelay #teamwork #greenarmy

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