Grimsthorpe Gallop 10k

Results – Grimsthorpe Gallop 10k 24/6/18 – Anna King 1:00:24, Deborah Cook 1:11:40
#teameye runners Anna and Deborah had a super run at the Grimsthorpe Gallop. Following a route within the private grounds of Grimsthorpe Castle, the runners went past the lake, along tree lined avenues and through ancient woodland!
Well done ladies!
#grimsthorpegallop10k #greenarmy

Results – Grimsthorpe Gallop Canicross 10k, 24/6/18 – Helen Casbon (& Gemma) 1:09:31
#teameye runner Helen (ably accompanied by Gemma!) had a super run at the Grimsthorpe Gallop 10k. Following a scenic trail route around the Grimsthorpe Castle estate, the race started and finished in front of the Castle itself!
Well done Helen and Gemma!
#grimstthorpegallopcanicross10k #canicross #greenarmy

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