Green Wheel Relay

Results – Green Wheel Relay, 18/6/17 – Eye Sore, Eye Conquered 8:07:45, Eye Mashup! 8:16:25, Eye Can’t Believe It 8:21:38, Eye, Eye! 8:53:25.
The Green Wheel relay is a seven stage race totalling fifty miles and follows the outline of the Green Wheel around the city. Our #greenarmyteams did fantastically in the high temperatures that made for some very challenging running. Our brilliant bikers were priceless in carrying water and providing support for the runners on route. A huge thank you to Kirsty Morris, Hannah Barnard, John Airey, Steve Ellen and Sophie Ellen for their cycling efforts and all those involved with organising, timing, marshalling and cheering on the runners. Top #teameye teamwork throughout the day and a well deserved finishers beer at the finish line at Peterborough Athletics track.
Well done all!
#teameyeteamwork #greenwheel #greenarmy #runningforbeer

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