Frostbite @ Bushfield 2/11/14

News – Great turnout for this mornings Frostbite @ Bushfield…heres the team pic both the serious one and the not-so – sporting our warpaint! #teameye

WP_20141102_10_45_46_Pro WP_20141102_10_45_49_Pro

Now on to results…

Despite coming 15th again the seniors dropped to 16th overall due to Bushfield who were 16th last time coming in at 12th or 13th and Cambridge and Coleridge who are normally at the top coming last. You just can’t get the other clubs to play ball! 35 out today with a total of 505 runners up by 50 from Priory Park.

Juniors: Natalie Ellen 102nd, Katie Rowe 109th, Jessica Johnson 120th, Zoe Bateman 126th, Sophie Ellen 135th, Ellen Ellard 147th, Lucy Rowe 193rd, Evie Dawson 207th & Isabel Wells 214th. Well done all, some great performances and effort. 14th on the day and still 14th overall.

See you at Hinchingbrooke on 14th December.

Results grid can be found clicking this link.


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