Folksworth 15

Results – Folksworth 15, 24/1/16 – Suzy West 01:38:04, Lee Whitton 01:48:05, Sarah Overington 01:50:13, Alistair Dales 01:55:54, Sean Selcraig 01:56:18, Terry Fone 01:58:36, Samantha Cullen 01:59:20, Matthew Ball 02:02:16, Nick Pearson 02:02:33, Mike Blackledge 02:06:58, Matt Edwards 02:10:53, James Constable 02:12:54, Deborah Nolan 02:17:07, Mick Davies 02:17:07, John Airey 02:21:22, Gill Bates 02:23:32, Marlena Koralewska 02:23:37, Rebecca Allam 02:24:38, Helen Casbon 02:58:47, Stephanie Dales 03:07:14, Claire Pallett 03:13:22.
Fantastic efforts all round on the hills of Folksworth today. Well done to Suzy West finishing as 2nd lady. For many their longest run to date….well done to each and every one of you reaching your own milestones in running. Superb support from the ‪#‎greenarmy‬ on Eye Corner with several members of ‪#‎teameye‬ in marshalling roles around the course too.
Well done all!
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