Folksworth 15

Results – Folksworth 15 (15 miles), 21/1/18 – Mark Wishart 1:42:49, Wayne Bradley 2:01:40, Sam Cullen 2:02:57, Mick Davies 2:02:58, Mike Blackledge 2:04:27, Alison Dunphy 2:07:06, Pete Ridley 2:07:11 (1st in category), Mel Tindale 2:09:42, Simon King 2:09:45, Roy Young 2:12:17, Nigel Cronin 2:22:14, Martin Lainsbury 2:26:21, Marlena Koralewska 2:29:09, Terry Fone 2:31:51, Laura Mead 2:31:53, Matt Benton 2:40:27, Jon Creedon 2:40:27, Sarah Bird 2:42:37, Tess Hammond 2:42:37, Linda Threadgold 2:51:31, Sharon Stancer 3:02:14
In very challenging conditions, #teameye runners battled strong winds, driving snow and hilly terrain for this rural two-lap race around the pretty Cambridgeshire countryside. Fab results from all the participants who were splendidly supported by the wonderful volunteers who braved the freezing conditions to cheer the runners on!
Well done all!
#folksworth15 #snowyrunning #mustbemad #eyecorner

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