Folksworth 15

Results – Folksworth 15, 22/1/17 – James Borrett 1:35:17.70, Suzy West 1:37:45, Lee Whitton 1:44:21, Alistair Dales 1:51:35, Terry Fone 2:00:41, Mick Davies 2:00:59, Darren Jackson 2:01:55, Simon King 2:03:05, Nick Pearson 2:04:05, Stephen Ellen 2:04:26, Peter Ridley 2:05:11, Mike Blackledge 2:06:59, Melanie Tindale 2:15:59, Gill Bates 2:26:45, Martin Lainsbury 2:27:16, Jonathan Creedon 2:35:42, Clare Edwards 2:35:42, Yvonne Goodsell 2:38:50, Linda Threadgold 2:52:01, Claire Pallett 2:57:16, Sharon Stancer 3:00:52, Diane Constable 3:02:37.
On a crisp and chilly Sunday morning, our #teameye runners put fantastic efforts in all round the ups and downs on the frosty hills of Folksworth. Well done to Suzy finishing as first lady on the course. Superb support from the #greenarmy on Eye Corner with several members of #teameye in marshalling roles around the course too.
Well done all!
#lovehills #frostyfolksworth #greenarmy

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