Fenland 10 miles

Results – Fenland 10 miles, 30/10/16 – David Stunell 1:04:17, Peter Kirwin 1:07:50, Nigel Walls 1:08:30, Andy Short 1:13:26, Cathy Threadgold 1:15:36, Roy Young 1:15:47, Peter Ridley 1:16:37, Terry Fone 1:16:49, Ellen Ellard 1:18:27, Mike Blackledge 01:18:54 (PB), Simon King 1:19:15, Tracey Barnes 1:21:56, James Constable 1:22:22, Diane Gill 1:24:06, Melanie Tindale 1:25:58, Leah Short 1:26:01, Emma Humphrey 1:29:38, Stephanie Ellard 1:30:26, Elaine Mcmillan 1:34:45, John Airey 1:34:52, Michaela Giles 1:36:08, Gary Parr 1:36:08, Bonnie Heron 1:37:02, Tessa Hammond 1:37:13, Paul Barnes 1:37:30, Gill Bates 1:37:59, Helen Casbon 1:38:09, Linda Threadgold 1:41:35, Tracy Rookyard 1:42:34,Sue Ridley 1:45:31,Hannah Barnard 2:03:41.
Fenland 10 mile team relay – The Hare & The Tortoises 1:33:17 (Charlotte Richmond 32:19, Ella Shelley 34:12, Dave Richmond 26:46).
A fantastic turnout for #teameye last Sunday at this popular 10 mile race and also the team relay which saw ‘The Hare and The Tortoises’ finish in 3rd place. Starting and finishing in West Walton, this one lap course took our runners through the villages of Walpole St Andrew & Walpole St Peter and along the surrounding quiet fen roads. Quiet that is apart from the #greenarmy cheering squad at the 6 mile mark!
Well done all!
#sundayrunday #runningforcake #greenarmy

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