— What is England Athletics?

UKA FORM – this can be filled in and passed to Sarah Short along with the membership fee.

Joining England Athletics is non-compulsory, however more and more races are now using ‘Run Britain’ as their database to record entries. This does not mean you cannot race if you are not a member but it does mean you may not find it very easy to register as an affiliated ECR member for that particular race.

The races that are affected will have a Run Britain logo on the website when you enter.
You therefore have 3 choices:

1. Join EA = See Dave Richmond or Sarah Short for a form or click on the above download to print off. Money can be paid by cash or bank transfer.

2. Print off and apply in paper format for that particular race – it should give provision for adding ECR as your club. (You may incur an additional £2 fee.)

3. Apply online, enter as unaffiliated (ie. Non ECR) and pay the standard fee. (We will still be able to find you in the list of results but will just be more difficult to pick out).

— ECR Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Takes place at the Eye Club House, Lindisfarne Road Rec.

Anyone wishing to put themselves forward on to the committee for the coming club year needs to add their name to the list which will be on display in the club house two weeks before the meeting.

— What is Club Champs?

See our ‘Championships‘ page for further details and next years races. Results are posted with updates after a Club Champ event to view the current places and points difference.

Age Categories:

Senior Men Under 40
Veteran Men 40-55
Mature Men 55+

Senior Ladies Under 35
Veteran Ladies 35-50
Mature Ladies 50+

Age categories for the championships are based on the age you are at the start of the Club Champs year (1st April) and you stay in that category until the following year. For example; if you are a man and you are currently 39 and you turn 40 (say in the following March) of the club year, you are a Senior Man for that year.

To be eligible you need to be a paid up member from the end of the previous year; for example to compete for 2015 you need to have paid prior to 31st December 2014.

— What does Second Claim mean?

When you join a running club, providing it is your only club, that is your first claim club. If you subsequently join another club, that will be your second claim club. You can race as an individual in open races for any club you are a member of. However, for league and championship races and to count as part of a scoring team, you have to compete for your first claim club, unless it is not affiliated to UKA for that discipline, or is not participating in that league. This system is primarily designed to stop elite athletes swapping from club to club regularly.

— What does GPAN stand for and what is it?

Established in Summer 2011, the Greater Peterborough Athletics Network is one of over 50 athletics networks setup by England Athletics in operation across the country.
The Greater Peterborough Athletics Network is a partnership of eight clubs, including both track and field and road running, working to provide preferential Athlete Support Services, coaching and officials development opportunities, cooperative training sessions, improved competition opportunities, and working with local schools to improve the provision and opportunities in athletics in the local area.

Eye Community Runners are one of the 8 members.

GPAN has a Facebook page – hit ‘like’ for regular updates.


Please see our ‘Awards‘ page for further details and times.

The club year runs from 1st April to 31st March (this is also stated on our ‘Results’ page so please bear in mind the overlap of the two years).

Club Awards are based on the age you are on 1st April of that club year, “age during season”.

You can claim an award for any event within the current club year, claims need to be submitted before the stated deadline (usually end of May) to allow for processing and trophy engraving. Any event you have participated in after the deadline can be submitted in the following club year.

You cannot claim for an award you have previously received (e.g. if your time has not improved for a particular distance during the year and does not fall into the next bracket).

You need to have been a paid up member before the race for which you are claiming. NB. Frostbites do not count as they are not accurately measured courses.


— What should I do if I want to query the time I was given at an event?

In some cases you may find you have been given an incorrect time to the one your watch says. The results we read out at the club, post on Facebook and add to the database on the website are what the official times state from a particular event. If you want to query a time you will need to contact the official event organisers, we regret we can’t amend or ask for it to be changed on your behalf.

— The ‘Events‘ page shows an incorrect date

If you spot an incorrect date on the events spreadsheet please contact Roy as early as possible who can amend this. The dates are as accurate at the time of publishing as possible, events so far in the future can be subject to change (the spreadsheet includes events one year in advance).

— What is the Frostbite Friendly League?

(Click on above link for detailed locations and dates)

The Frostbite Friendly League is a series of six “closed” running races for senior and junior runners from 16 road-running clubs based mainly around the Peterborough area (in the UK). The races are staged at 4-5 week intervals on a Sunday morning during the winter months from October to March (hence Frostbite). Each of the 6 races is hosted by one of the participating clubs. The senior races are all between 5 and 6 miles and the junior races are less than 1.5 miles (one day we will go metric!). The terrain varies from race to race and may be anything from a wet and muddy cross-country to road running through a town centre. The races are very well attended and each race regularly attracts over 250 runners.

Each club may enter as many runners as they want into each of the races. Scoring is based on the finish position of each team’s first 10 seniors to finish and first 5 juniors to finish (see rules below) with a trophies awarded to the winning, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the end of the series.

This league is open only to senior and junior members of the 16 participating clubs. If you wish to run in any of the races you must be a member of one of the clubs as strictly no guests are allowed. Details of each of the participating clubs can be found in the “Clubs” page.

Club vest/t-shirt is mandatory to take part in this event.

— What is the Peterborough 5k GP Series

The series is run over 5 events hosted by and in the following order (click on above link for detailed locations and dates):

– PANVAC @ Ferry Meadows

— ECR @ The Club House (we welcome anyone who wants to volunteer to support our event!)

– Bushfield Joggers @ Ferry Meadows

– Stamford Striders @ Stamford Rugby Club

– Werrington Joggers @ Werrington Sports Centre

— What is the Harrier League?

(Click on above link for detailed locations and dates)

Hosted by Nene Valley Harriers. The Harrier League is a handicap event held at Lynch Wood Business Park, Peterborough. It consists of a series of 6 handicap races held monthly between October and April every year.

Each race is 5k, made up of 3 laps around Peterborough Business Park. The course has been accurately measured in the past and not varied since then. It is described as fast and flat despite one very twisty section and thus ideal for pb’s and also good for a hard training run.

Race & entry details
Each race starts at 7pm, meeting at the car park in Lynch Wood (opposite the Diligenta Building roundabout, PE2 6FY). Please note, it is important that you park at the far end of the car park (this was a new requirement from). The entry fee is £1, which goes towards the upkeep and any prizes we may award.

Download and complete the entry form found on the website (link above), which should be handed in on the night when entering.

How does the handicap work?
The way the handicap works is simple. The first time you ever run the course you will need to provide the time of your best 5k run, or an estimate. For those who have competed before, the organisers will use their best historical time. The organisers will then start the runners off all at different times, with the general idea being that everyone (theoretically) finishes at the same time.

So if your personal best is, say, 24 mins 10 seconds and Joe Bloggs’ is 24 mins 05 seconds, you will start the race 5 seconds before Joe Bloggs. The faster you are, therefore, the bigger your ‘handicap’.

The winner is not necessarily the fastest runner, rather the runner who beats his or her personal best by the highest margin.

— London Marathon

Members are reminded that if they wish to go in the draw for a club place which takes place later in the year then they will need both a reject slip from this ballot and be affiliated to England Athletics by 30th June of current year as the number of places we receive is based on the number of EA affiliated members we have. They must also have paid their membership to the club at the time of entering for London Marathon.

The marshals places which are a separate draw are restricted to those people who marshalled the current year, but they are also expected to have entered the ballot first as well as clearly if members can obtain a place in that way then we will have more places for those who are unsuccessful.

— What are the Green Wheel and Hereward Relays?

(Click on above links for detailed locations and dates)

The Green Wheel relay is a seven stage race starting and finishing at The Athletics Arena, Bishops Road, Peterborough. The total distance is Fifty miles and follows the outline of the Green Wheel.

The Green Wheel cycle route provides over 45 miles of continuous sustainable routes around the city of Peterborough. Opening in 2000, it was one of the first large scale projects delivered by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). Although aimed at Cyclists the route is equally good for running.

This race has been designed specifically as a ‘Team’ event, with the intention that members of the team (or non runners) support each other. Whilst instructions for each stage have been prepared the course itself is unmarshalled, other than at the changeover points where times will be recorded.

The plan is that the majority of teams will finish within a short time frame. Accordingly start times will be allocated at 15 minute intervals between 7.15am and 11.00 am. Start times will be notified on receipt of team entries which require predicted times and confirmed no later than one week before the event. Changes to team members will be accepted up to the start of the race. Second claim runners are allowed.

Routes as follows:

Stage 1 – 8.16 miles Embankment to Eye Stage 1 Map
Stage 2 – 4.11 miles Eye to Bull PH, Newborough Stage 2 Map
Stage 3 – 7.45 miles Bull PH, Newborough to Etton Stage 3 Map
Stage 4 – 8.11 miles Etton to Ferry Meadows Stage 4 Map
Stage 5 – 8.60 miles Ferry Meadows to Norman Cross Stage 5 Map
Stage 6 – 7.61 miles Norman Cross to Stanground Stage 6 Map
Stage 7 – 5.70 miles Stanground to Peterborough Embankment

The HEREWARD relay is a four stage race organised by March Athletic Club with the following routes:

Stage One – Peterborough to Whittlesey – 6.5 miles.

Stage Two – Whittlesey to March – 10.5 miles.

Stage Three – March to Welney – 11.3 miles

Stage Four – Welney to Ely – 10.4 miles

–What is a timed mile?

You are are all set off together and you run as quickly as possible for one mile and your time is recorded. The times are logged so you can see your progress over a period of time.

— What is parkrun?

parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km and 2k timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; we welcome you all. Locally we have 3 x 5km and 1 x junior events.

What is Ferry Meadows parkrun, Manor Field parkrun, Snowden Field parkrun and Central Park junior parkrun?

It is a 5km and 2km event – it’s you against the clock.

When is it?
Every Saturday (aged 4+) and Sunday (4-14 years old) at 9am.

Where is it?
The 5k events takes place at Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough, Manor Field Whittlesey and Snowden Field Crowland and 2k event is at Central Park, Peterborough.

What does it cost to join in?
Nothing – it’s free! but please register before your first run. Only ever register with parkrun once. Don’t forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode (request a reminder). If you forget it, you won’t get a time.

How fast do I have to be?
We all run for our own enjoyment. Please come along and join in whatever your pace!

All of our events need you!
It is entirely organised by volunteers – email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected] to help.


Please see our Club Kit page for details and prices.

T-Shirts and vests can be bought/ordered from our Club Kit representative (see ‘Contact Us’ page for who that is. Hoodies are available via Chromasport in Bretton.

Members are asked to wear club running vests or t-shirts for mandatory events; Frostbite League and Club Championship races. Apart from the sheer pleasure and camaraderie of running in club colours, it is voluntary to wear club running vests or t-shirts in external races when representing the club.

This gives us a great presence at external events where a large collection of ECR members can be seen, particularly at races close to home.

The other big reason to race in club colours is that we often have our supporters cheering us round – wearing an ECR vest and you won’t be missed in the masses – and you will be cheered along the way, either first or last!! #beseeningreen.