Eye GP series #2 5k & 3k

Results – Eye GP series #2 5k, 21/06/17 – Martyn Fox 19:23, Matt Edwards 19:48, Matthew Stephenson 20:20, Mark Wareham 21:17, Andy Short 21:28, Pete Jeffery 21:44, Mick Davies 22:25, Iwona Drummond 22:34, Darren Jackson 22:37, Matthew Ball 22:55, Peter Ridley 23:40, Mark Short 23:43, Joseph Keegan 23:45, Alison Dunphy 23:53, Terry Fone 24:22, James Constable 24:43, Sophie Ellen 25:07, Luke Harding 25:11, Leslie Henson 25:36, Ad Lenihan 26:15, Nicola Goy 26:50, Carl Golder 27:02, Adam Blake 27:28, Rebecca Fowler 27:36, Stephanie Ellard 28:07, Tessa Hammond 28:08, Tracy Rookyard 28:38, Helen Casbon 28:53, Lesley Fox 28:54 (PB), Natasha Newitt 28:55, Sue Ridley 34:21.Superb efforts all round from the #greenarmy on the second run of the GP series on what was another very warm evening. Running on club home turf with a great downhill finish there were some fantastic sprint finishes! A big thank you to all those involved with marshalling, behind the scenes and providing cheers!
Well done all!
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Results – Eye GP series #2 3k, 21/06/17 – Lewis Harrison 13:33, Angus Keegan 14:10, Benjamin Ball 14:59, Aiden Kirby 15:53, Adam Drummond 15:58, Jessica Ingram 17:50, Hannah Casbon 20:46.
Tremendous running from the younger #teameye runners on a tropical evening! Fantastic efforts all round in the heat on the second outing of the GP series this year on our club home turf.
#eyerunning #greenarmy #gpseries

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