Eye 3k Fun Run

Results – Eye 3k Fun Run, 13/5/18 – Ryan Ingram 12:12, Joshua Creedon 13:17, Angus Keegan 13:44, Siena Martignetti 13:59, Sophie Ellen 14:10, Harry Wishart 14:11, Jessica Ingram 14:16, James Carty 14:20, Jacob Carty 14:22, Adam Drummond 14:27, Charley Siggins 14:37, Jasmine Hewitt 14:39, William King 14:40, Jonah Carty 14:42, Madison Rookyard 15:34, Lucie Creedon 15:42, Ruby Parkes 15:58, Madeleine O’Neill 16:21, Isaac Dales 16:24, Wayne Bradley 16:25, James O’Neill 17:23, Caitlin Rookyard 17:40, Freya Jones 17:51, Chloe Porter 19:21, Frankie Fox 23:07, Billy Fox 23:08, Ben Fox 25:31, Angela Fox 25:33.
Fantastic running all round from our #teameye runners at the Eye 3k fun run. Following a route around the village our runners were welcomed to the finish with superb cheering from the crowds!
Well done all!
#eye3k #ecr #loverunning #greenarmy

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