Equinox 24 10k (Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire)

Results – Equinox 24 10k (Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire), 16/9/16 – Laura Conway 48:22 (2nd lady), Mark Haines 1:04:09, Michaela Giles 1:04:59, Deborah Cook 1:09:51, Anna King 1:09:51, Hannah Barnard 1:35:03, Wendy Benton 1:35:03, Carmel Keegan 1:35:03.
As the 24 hour event kicked off so did the 10k race with several members of the #greenarmy taking part. Great running all round on a challenging multi-terrain course which saw Laura finish as 2nd lady. A lot of running, a lot of fun and a lot of smiles around the miles. And that hill!
Well done all!
#equinox24 #10k #thathill #runningfamily

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