Cotswold 24

Results – Cotswold 24 hour run (Bathurst Estate, Cirencester), 22-23/7/17 – Tortoises, Hares & Herons 24:16:26 (30 laps), Eye Spy 23:55:57 (28 laps), Green Goddesses 24:21:47 (22 laps) .
What a weekend! It may have been raining for most of it but the miles and smiles just show this lot just love running! 24 hours of running 9k laps on a mixed terrain course put our teams to the test but that #teameyeteamworkpaid off! Superb running, great support and a whole lot of fun.
Well done all!
#cotswold24 #eatsleeprunrepeat #teameyeteamwork


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