Awards are presented annually to those runners who have either won their respective Club Championship competition; Senior Male & Female, Veteran Male & Female, Mature Male & Female.

1. Open to all fully paid up club runners regardless of their ability, level of race experience, age and gender (you do not need to be a super-fast runner to enter). New members are encouraged to participate, but you are required to be a member prior to 31st December in the previous club year, before being eligible to qualify for an award. To qualify participants will be FIRST CLAIM and enter each event as ‘Eye Community Runners’ and MUST wear club colour’s (Vest or T-shirt).

2. This club championship year starts on 1st April and finished on 31st March, prizes are awarded at the club presentation night.

3. The events are 12 “public” races which are generally within reasonable travelling distances from Eye. BH denotes if the race date is on a Bank Holiday. Max of 1 event will be on a bank holiday.

4. The dates are as accurate at the time of publishing as possible, dates can change +/1 a week which will be communicated ASAP and required changes to events will be decided by the club committee.

5. Each race is categorised into one of four categories, namely: A (Up to and including 5 miles), B (above 6 miles and less than 10 miles), C (10 Miles +) and D (Frostbite League events). There are three races in each category to ensure that all types of runner have a fair chance of winning i.e. for example, it is not a Cross Country or road run’s only championship, but includes a mix of distances, lumps and bumps.

6. Each member must complete at least 7 races from 12 to qualify and at least one race must be chosen from each category. Bearing in mind 4 of the events are FREE to enter.

7. Race results are published timely on the ECR website and Facebook page, updated matrix will be provided after each event showing the current standings for all categories on Clubs Champs page on ECR website.

8. The final results are based on the 7 best results for each runner to ensure a large number of club members have the opportunity to qualify i.e. if you complete all 12 races only the best 7 are taken into account (however the “best 7” must include at least one qualifying race from each category).

9. Awards are given for 1st,2nd & 3rd senior female, 1st,2nd & 3rd senior male, 1st,2nd & 3rd veteran female, 1st,2nd & 3rd veteran male, 1st,2nd & 3rd mature male and 1st,2nd & 3rd mature female.

10. Any potential disqualifications for not following the above rules will be decided by the club committee.

Current Club Championship Competition (races indicated in events list):

Senior Club Championship Races 2022-2023

Cross Country Club Championship Races 2022-2023

Age Categories:

Senior Men Under 40
Veteran Men 40-55
Mature Men 55+

Senior Ladies Under 35
Veteran Ladies 35-50
Mature Ladies 50+

Age categories for the championships are based on the age you are at the start of the Club Champs year (1st April) and you stay in that category until the following year. For example; if you are a man and you are currently 39 and you turn 40 (say in the following March) of the club year, you are a Senior Man for that year.

Archive of Winners:

Some of the awards only show winners for the last four years. This regretably is due to records not being available. Please contact a member of the committee if you can help fill in the blanks.

Club Championship Men Club Championship Ladies Runner of the Year (Formerly – Most Improved Runner)
Cross Country Runner of the Series Frostbite Runner of the Series Club Records (From 5k to Marathon)