Brass Monkey 10k (Rockingham Speedway)

Results – Brass Monkey 10k (Rockingham Speedway), 31/1/16 – Martyn Fox 41.04, Sarah Overington 41.32 (PB), Lee Whitton 42.21, Nigel Walls 44.11, Andy Short 44.3, Mike Wright 46.32, Laura Conway 47.35, Mike Blackledge 47.38, Terry Fone 47.59, Fergus Barratt 48.26, James Constable 48.32 (PB), Billy Fox 48.39, Peter Ridley 48.40, Leah Short 48.45, Hayley Greenwood 51.29 (PB), Stephen Booth 51.45, Mick Davies 51.51, Deborah Nolan 51.51, Chris Hardman 52:43, Dave Richmond 53:13, Stephen Roweth 53.21, Michaela Giles 53.59 (PB), Gordon Pearson 53.59, Carl Golder 54.50, Natasha Newitt 56.13(PB), Tom Howlin 56.30, Gill Bates 56.48, Denisa Faragova 58.18 (PB), Marlena Koralewska 58.18, Gary Parr 59.04, Linda Threadgold 60.10 (PB), Stephanie Dales 63.06 (PB), Martin Lainsbury 63.46, Darren Barratt 64.46 (PB), Sue Ridley 65.38, Carmel Keegan 65.53, Caroline Carty 68.18 (PB).
A fantastic turnout for ‪#‎teameye‬ at Rockingham Speedway on a damp Sunday morning with PBs a plenty! Superb support with lots of noise from the cheering squad, big thanks for their soggy shouts of support!
Well done all!
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Results – Brass Monkey fun run 1.5k (Rockingham Speedway), 31/1/16 – Jacob Carty 10.22, Leah Keegan 11.33, Joshua Carty 12.37, Cameron Pearson 12:58, Amy Blackledge 13.29, Paige Pitney-Baxter 14.47, Sophie Blackledge 16.43.
Super efforts from the ECR Juniors around the Rockingham Speedway in rather soggy running conditions and then providing noise and encouragement for the ECR grown ups. Fantastic work and team spirit.
Well done all!
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