Bourne Woods Frostbite Friendly

Results – Bourne Woods Frostbite Friendly – Juniors, 5/2/17 – Finishing positions – William West-Robinson 88, Jacob Carty 91, Mylea Burchett 123, Joshua Carty 130, Jasmine Heron 141, Adam Drummond 148,George Benton 154, Leah Keegan 165, Hannah Casbon 180.
If you went down to the woods yesterday, you would have found mud, mud and more mud! Mud aside, there were our #teameye junior runners giving it their all around this tricky course at Bourne Woods. Everybody even came home with a souvenir…..more mud! Our fantastic frostbiters finished 13th on the day and 12th place after five races. The final frostbite race of the series is at Jubilee Park,Huntingdon on 12th March. See you there!
Well done all!
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Results – Bourne Woods Frostbite Friendly – Seniors, 5/2/17 – Finishing positions – Ben Heron 1, James Borrett 19, Martyn Fox 54, Suzy West 83, Dave Stunell 85, Alastair Dales 97, Lee Whitton 98, Peter Kirwin 115, Jon Bales 119, Wayne Bradley 145, Andy Short 153, Cathy Threadgold 176, Stuart Clarke 178, Mike Wright 191, Billy Fox 199, Steve Ellen 206, Laura Whitton 211, Peter Ridley 215, Iwona Drummond 221, Sam Whitmore 229, Roy Young 230, Tony Gray 238, Megan Ellershaw 244, James Constable 250, Becky Allam 285, Alison Dunphy 300, Natalie Ellen 304, Georgia Bodily 306, Dave Richmond 312, Elaine Macmillan 313, Diane Gill 318, John Airey 330, Nicola Pike 332, Marlena Koralewska 333, Gill Bates 334, Nicola Goy 336, Adam Blake 352, Michaela Parr 358, Bonnie Heron 359, Tracey Rookyard 360, Sue Heron 386, Linda Threadgold 388, Simon Lovell 390, Sue Ridley 394, Helen Casbon 395, Matt Benton 396, Deborah Cook 405, Richard Griffen 406, Stephanie Dales 407, Lesley Fox 419, Emma Parkes 420, Hannah Barnard 421.
Love it or hate it (and we think you all secretly LOVE it), there’s no avoiding the mud at Bourne! The penultimate race of the series saw #teameye finish in 9th place on the day and sitting 8th overall. Fantastic frostbite running from all 52 of our senior runners. For those running their first frostbite, for those super strong sprint finishes to the line (and there were plenty of them) and for Ben taking another awesome number 1 spot, well done to all of you. Everybody really does count. Final race of the season is at Jubilee Park, Huntingdon on 12th March. See you there!
Well done all!
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