Bourne Frostbite results and photos!

Team Eye again finished in 6th place and moved up two positions overall in the league to finish 10th overall. With 41 seniors out ECR, provided over 11% of the total field of 365 in the senior race.
For those new to the Bourne FB, conditions were normal, mud and biting cold Northerly wind meaning a tough leg between the 2 and 3 mile points.
Well done team on some great work. Thanks of course to those who also came and supported us, not forgetting the cooks for some really good cakes.


Just four weeks to the next one on 1st March at Hinchingbrooke SchoolResults – Bourne Frostbite, 01/02/15 (Juniors) – Ellen Ellard 121, Sophie Ellen 135, Jessica Johnston 145, Katie Rowe 154, Lucy Rowe 175, Evie Dawson 188, Isobel Wells 196. Well done girls on coming 13th today, finishing 14th overall.

Results – Bourne Frostbite, 01/02/15 (Seniors) – Sam White 40, Sam Cullen 54, Nigel Walls 56, Martyn Fox 63, Richard Abraham 67, Jake Ellard 70, Lee Whitton 83, Sarah Overington 95, Andy Short 108, Mike Wright 112, Sean Selcraig 139, Matt Ball 141, James Cameron 167, Billy Fox 172, Matthew Edwards 182, Terry Fone 185, Steph Hall 198, Gordon Pearson 199, Deborah Nolan 211, Mark Wells 215, Sam Whitmore 228, Amanda Wells 235, Leah Short 236, Mick Davies 237, Alison Dunphy 250, Tom Howlin 252, Mike Blackledge 258, Dave Richmond 272, Becky Allam 283, Marlena Koralewska 285, Gill Bates 300, Stephanie Ellard 302, Elle Salemme 311, James Constable 312, Sarah Cameron 318, Mandy Tropeano 322, Richard Griffen 337, Sarah Short 348, Linda Threadgold 349, Simon Lovell 353, Diane Constable 357.

Check out the gallery page for plenty of muddy photos! The Frostbite table updated from today’s race is also available on our Frostbite results page.

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