London Marathon

Results – London marathon, 23/4/17 – James Borrett 2:49:04 (PB), Peter Kirwin 3:11:30, Andy Short 3:22:52 (PB), Darren Jackson 3:45:12 (PB), Sean Selcraig 4:17:25, Deborah Nolan 4:19:07, Mark Short 4:21:56, Carl Golder 4:45:33, MartIn Lainsbury 4:58:58, John Airey 5:07:06, Louise McIntosh 5:26:43 (PB), Sarah Bird 5:31:27 (PB), Amanda Wells 5:55:41.
#teameye are incredibly proud of all of our marvellous marathoners who ran the London marathon on Sunday. For some their first marathon, for some their fastest, for others raising funds for wonderful causes. To top it off, a 21 year club record broken by James Borrett in tremendous style. The support by our #teameye marathon marshals and #greenarmy crew was superb, cheering on our runners at several points around the course.
Now, when do entries open for next year….
Well done all!
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