Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above where you can also find our Membership Form. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages and blog below.

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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 8/10/16 – Alistair Dales 20:20, Tom Howlin 20:30, William Fox 21:11, Laura Conway 22:04 (3rd lady), Matt Ball 22:11, David Ainslie 22:36, Mike Blackledge 22:44, Billy Fox 23:09, Tracey Barnes 23:18, Diane Gill 24:11, Andy Short 24:15, Katie Andrews 25:46 (50th parkrun), James Constable 25:46, Leah Short 26:18, David Stephenson 26:32, Martin Lainsbury 26:55, Michaela Giles 27:22, Linda Oswin 28:25, Elaine McMillan 28:34, Hilary Ainslie 28:46, Linda Threadgold 29:45, Glenys Waters 31:38, Cliff Waters 31:38, Simon Lovell 32:11, Keziah Hammond 33:08, Bryan Dudley 34:15, Sue Miller 36:37, Georgia Bodily 40:56, Sophie Blackledge 48:05, Sharon Blackledge 48:05, Tracy Rookyard 48:06, Diane Constable 48:09 & Lorna Young 49:26. 33 out today and volunteering were Lee, Roy, Lorna Y, Sue R, Pete R, Helen C, Tess, Tracy R, Tash, Carl, Sarah S, Kirsty, Becky A, Hannah C, Leah S, Matt E, Hannah B & Marlena (25th volunteering). Same again next Saturday! #loveparkrun #greenarmy #teameye #hivizheroes

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parkrun Tourism

Results -Gorleston Cliffs parkrun, 8/10/16 – Sue Heron 28:23. Well done.

Results РFælledparken parkrun (Copenhagen), 8/10/16 РDominick Hardy 23:08. Well done.

Results – Harrow Lodge parkrun (Hornchurch, Essex), 8/10/16 – Gary Parr 26:43 & Gordon Pearson 38:19. Well done.

Results – Rutland Water parkrun, 8/10/16 – Fergus Barratt 28:30. Volunteering was Darren. Well done.

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Bournemouth Supernova 5k

Results – Bournemouth Supernova 5k, 1/10/16 – Cliff Waters 31:42, Glenys Waters 31:43.
Take a beautiful and iconic venue such as the Bournemouth Pier, wait until dusk, dig out the flourescent clothing and grab everything and anything that glows or flashes. Starting on Bournemouth Prom and finishing in the Lower Gardens, our #greenarmy pair were treated to a beautiful coastal route along the iconic Bournemouth Pier and seafront. And to top it off Glenys finished 1st in her age category!
Well done Cliff anf Glenys!
#greenarmy #seasiderunning #teamgreenwrinklies #headtorchesandfairylights

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St Neots Frostbite Friendly

Results – St Neots Frostbite Friendly – Juniors, 2/10/16 – Finishing positions – Isaac Ellard 1, Jacob Carty 79, William West-Robinson 84, Luke Harding 100, Joshua Carty 130, Adam Drummond 133, Sophie Ellen 136, Mylea Burchett 137, Jasmine Heron 155, George Benton 167 Aiden Kirby 173, Hannah Casbon 183,
Top efforts all round from our younger #greenarmy runners this weekend at the first Frostbite of the season at Priory Park, St Neots which saw them finishing in 10th position. A flying finish from Isaac who picked up the no.1 finisher token as did Ben Heron in the senior race. Brilliant teamwork on display as always with our youngsters cheering each other on at the finish line. Super well done for those completing their first frostbite too, awesome work! Next race, Nene Park, Peterborough on 6th November.
Well done all!
#teameye #everybodycounts #runningforfun #frostbite #no1Isaac

Results – St Neots Frostbite Friendly – Seniors, 2/10/16 – Finishing positions – Ben Heron 1, Martyn Fox 59, Nigel Walls 81, Matthew Edwards 88, Lee Whitton 95, Alistair Dales 97, Peter Kirwin 120, Andy Short 133, Peter Ridley 202, Tony Gray 204, Terry Fone 205, Loz Carty 211, Steve Ellen 222, Ellen Ellard 183, Mike Wright 184, Cathy Threadgold 191, Roy Young 224, Tracey Barnes 235, Billy Fox 236, Natalie Ellen 286, Di Gill 288, James Constable 289, Iwona Drummond 304, Michaela Giles 324, Steph Ellard 329, Sam Whitmore 333, Gill Bates 337, Becky Allam 340, Jane Masters 351, Helen Casbon 357, Matt Benton 361, Petra Ellen 367, Gary Parr 372, Caroline Geddes 377, Steph Dales 390, Tracey Rookyard 395, Bonnie Heron 397, Sue Heron 404, Linda Threadgold 411, Simon Lovell 419, Sue Ridley 423, Caroline Carty 434, Richard Griffen 435, Hannah Barnard 442.
Frostbite season is here at last! There was face paint and cake a plenty in sunny St Neots yesterday which saw 44 #teameye frostbiters giving it their best around Priory Park to finish in 8th place overall on the day. A superb first place finish for Ben, taking the double for the #greenarmy with Isaac finishing first in the junior Frostbite. Fantastic running all round with some awesomely strong sprint finishes on show too. A special mention for those completing their first frostbite too, top stuff! Next race, Nene Park, Peterborough on 6th November.
Well done all!
#greenarmy #everybodycounts #frostbite #runningforcake #no1Ben

14519896_545347315674250_390623875321925655_n 14520435_545347322340916_6954414203603029305_n

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Lincoln Half Marathon

Results – Lincoln Half Marathon, 2/10/16 – Mike Blackledge 1:51:29, Melanie Tindale 1:54:56.
Starting and finishing at the Lincolnshire Showground, this undulating course took our #teameye pair around many notable sights in the city. The route passed by the Cathedral Quarter, the cobbles of the Castle grounds, Brayford Pool and to top it off a lovely climb up Yarborough Hill!
Well doneMel and Mike!
#13.1 #greenarmyteamwork #lincolnhalf #banteralltheway

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Spartan Races Weekend Sprint

Results – Spartan Races Weekend Sprint (approx 5k) & Super (approx 13k) (Elton Hall, Peterborough), 3-4/9/16 – David Stunell (Sprint and Super), Claire Pallett 1:34:48 (Sprint) & 3:28:46 (Super), Kirsty Morris 1:45:26 (Sprint), Denisa Faragova 3:16:10 (Super), Marlena Koralewska 3:16:15 (Super).
Anyone for a cargo net? When the Spartan races came to town our #teameye mud runners were in their element! With the Sprint and Super race distances on offer our #greenarmy obstacle runners took on the challenge in superb style with some completing both distances.
Well done all!
#obstaclerunning #lovemud #morethanjustrunning

spartan spartann spartannn

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Dumfries Half Marathon

Results – Dumfries Half Marathon, 25/9/16 – Mike Wright 1:53:16.
Starting from the edge of Dumfries this half marathon followed a scenic rural route out into the Galloway countryside with the course running alongside the River Nith before heading back to Dumfries.
Well done Mike!
#greenarmy #halfmarathon #13.1

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Llyn Alwen Canicross Trail Race 11.5k

Results – Llyn Alwen Canicross Trail Race 11.5k, (North Wales), 25/9/16 – Helen Casbon 65:36.
Our #teameye trainers and paws duo were treated to a mixed route of gravel, trail path and fire roads which wind their way through the pine trees and forest, together with some open grassy sections providing stunning views over Denbigh Moors.
Well done Helen!
#canicrossrunning #2legsand4paws

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Berlin Marathon

Results – Berlin Marathon, 25/9/16 – Nick Pearson 3:51:28.
A superb run for Nick around the course of this world famous city marathon.
Rated as one of the 6 Masters and where the current marathon world record was set, the course passes many famous city sites, crosses the line of the Berlin Wall and finishes on Unter den Linden, Berlin’s monumental boulevard with the historic Brandenburg Gate.
Well done Nick!
#greenarmy #26.2 #marathonrunning


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Nottingham Marathon

Results – Nottingham Marathon, 25/9/16 – Terry Fone 3:46:52, Mick Davies 3:48:46 (PB), Alistair Dales 3:52:03, Joseph Keegan 4:28:46.
This marathon route took our #teameye runners past sights such as Nottingham Castle, Trent Bridge and Victoria Embankment with some miles through Wollaton Park and some riverside running by the Trent. Fantastic running all round with some superb times to show for it.
Well done chaps!
#club26.2 #marathonrunning #sundayrunday

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