Who are Eye Community Runners?

Eye Community Runners are based in the village of Eye, four miles east of Peterborough. We are open to all ages and abilities and offer a suitable level of support for all members, from beginners trying to get fit or juniors trying out athletics for the first time through to the more seasoned and experienced athletes.

We offer the opportunity to compete in road running and cross-country events, both locally and nationally, as well as organising a number of events and club runs throughout the year.

If you are you looking to get involved then please Contact Us or find out more about the club via the About Us tab above where you can also find our Membership Form. A social network user? Engage with us, our members and friends of the club via our active Facebook and Twitter pages and blog below.

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parkrun Tourism

Results – Fælledparken parkrun (Copenhagen), 26/11/16 – Dominick Hardy 23:56. Well done.

Results – Bedford parkrun, 26/11/16 – Mike Blackledge 22:35. Well done Mike

Results – Markeaton parkrun (Derby), 26/11/16 – Matt Buller 19:54. Well done Matt.

Results – Exeter Riverside parkrun, 26/11/16 – James Borrett 18:29. Well done James.

Results – Rutland Water parkrun, 26/11/16 – Fergus Barratt 21:44 (PB). Volunteering were Darren & Nessa. Well done #teambarratt #backinthegameferg.

Results – Oakhill parkrun (Barnet), 26/11/16 – Simon Lovell 30:39 (100th parkrun). Well done Simon.

Results – Bedgebury Pinetum parkrun (Cranbrook, Kent), 26/11/16 – Matt Edwards 20:27. Well done Matt.

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Peterborough parkrun – A NEW CLUB RECORD!

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 26/11/16 – Isaac Ellard 15:59 (1st place, PB & new club record), Wayne Bradley 19:59, Lee Whitton 20:13, Ellen Ellard 22:06, Roy Young 22:12 (PB), Matthew Stevenson 22:29, Pete Ridley 22:50, Stewart Clarke 24:11, Terry Fone 25:26, Dom Goy 25:37, David Stevenson 26:44, Nicola Pike 27:15, Cliff Waters 27:18, Adam Blake 27:21 (50th run), Sarah-Jane Gill 27:21, Deborah Nolan 27:52, Iwona Drummond 29:22 (PB), Nicola Goy 29:58, Luke Harding 31:01, Sue Ridley 31:32, Tracy Rookyard 31:43, Jacob Carty 32:08, Adrian Ash 32:11, Caroline Carty 32:18, Bernadette Fitzharris 32:32, Jaco Buckby-Smit 32:35, Lesley Fox 32:36 (PB), Martyn Fox 32:37, Elaine McMillan 33:39, Sharon Ash 34:31, Lorna Young 47:42, Steve Allam 62:06, James Carty 62:14, Glenys Waters 62:24, Joshua Carty 62:25, Linda Threadgold 62:27 & Loz Carty 62:28. Well done all, 4 shiny new PBs & Isaac breaking Ben’s club record. Volunteering today were Andy, Sarah & Leah, Caroline, Loz, Joshua, James, Jacob & Jonah, Linda & Cathy, Pete & Natasha, James & Di, Hilary & David, John & Helen, Pete & Sue, Roy & Lorna, Hannah & Jasmine, Matt, Wendy, George & Jake, Steve, Becky & Jason, Sharon, Amy & Sophie, Cliff & Glenys, Dave & Charlotte, Steph, Al & Isaac, Mick & Eloise, Helen & Hannah, Tony & Sandra, Ella & Oliver, Carmel & Leah, Tracy & Caitlin, Wayne, Laura, Caroline G, Bryan, Alison, Becky F, Dave S, Sharon S, Gordon, Pam, Mike W, Lesley, Sarah-Jane, Carl, Tess, Tom, Helen J, Sam W, Simon, Martin, Elaine, Sue M, Sue P, Sharon W, Mel, Carol R, Kirsty, Marlena & Gary. Record number of volunteers, well done everyone. #ECRtakeover #greenarmy #voluncheers.


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Preston 10 mile Road Race

Results – Preston 10 mile Road Race, 20/11/16 – Roy Young 1:16:40.
Starting and finishing at Hutton Grammar School, this 2 lap course took #teameye Roy through the villages of Longton and Walmer Bridge, near Preston. Hutton Grammar School was also where a certain #greenarmy Mr Dave Stumble spent his informative years!
Well done Roy!
#greenarmy #sundayrunday #runningRoy

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EAA 2016 XC Championships (Keysoe)

Results – EAA 2016 XC Championships (Keysoe) 19/11/16, Isaac Ellard 20:41. Isaac took 2nd place, just one second behind the winner. Well done Isaac.

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Mo Run 10k (Milton Keynes)

Results – Mo Run 10k (Milton Keynes), 20/11/16 – Wayne Bradley 45:29, Kirsty Morris 64:39.
There was some funny moustachey business going on in Milton ‘Moustache’ Keynes at the weekend. Campbell Park played host to the popular ‘Mo Run’ which saw our pair of #greenarmy runners have a fantastic run around the scenic parkland course. No moustaches were harmed during the run.
Well done all!
#teameye #mobro #mosista #movember #10krunning

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Skegness 10k

Results – Skegness 10k, 20/11/16 – Wendy Benton 1:25:54.
Starting at Southview Leisure Park, this coastal 10k saw #greenarmy Wendy follow a one lap course around the tranquil countryside lanes near Skegness. A super Sunday run for Wendy, who was feeling rather ‘chuffed’ and welcomed to the finish by fab support from the #teambenton boys!
Well done Wendy!
#greenarmy #loverunning #thatsmilesaysitall


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Conwy Half Marathon (North Wales)

Results – Conwy half marathon (North Wales), 20/11/16 – Lee Whitton 1:40:24, Laura Conway 1:42:15 (PB), Helen Casbon 2:19:24.
Starting from Conwy Quayside in front of the historic Conwy Castle, this challenging course took our #teameye trio through Llandudno and on some very undulating climbs around Great Orme. Great times on a tough run and a PB for Ms Conway in Conwy!
Well done all!
#greenarmy #lovehills #13.1 #conwayinconwy


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St Neots Half Marathon

Results – St Neots half marathon, 20/11/16 – Alistair Dales 1:34:59, Andy Short 1:42:21, Loz Carty 1:42:48 (PB), Leah Short 1:46:17, Matt Ball 1:48:36, Mike Blackledge 1:53:43, Mel Tindale 1:53:56, Martin Lainsbury 1:58:20 (PB), Gary Parr 2:08:51, Gill Bates 2:08:25, Adam Blake 2:16:41, Linda Threadgold 2:20:20. Diane Constable 2:34:12, Caroline Carty 2:39:27 (PB), Sharon Blackledge 2:45:27.
Starting on the edge of St Neots, this popular half marathon took our #teameye runners on an undulating countryside route through the villages of Abbotsley and Waresley before heading back on a long downhill stretch to the finish. Fantastic cheers and flag waving from our slightly cold #greenarmy support crew – thank you!
Well done all!
#greenarmy #sundayrunday #itscoldouthere

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Peterborough parkrun

Results – Peterborough parkrun, 19/11/16 – Wayne Bradley 20:01, James Borrett 20:07, Tom Howlin 21:23, Cathy Threadgold 21:36 (PB & 3rd lady), Ellen Ellard 22:15, Dave Ainslie 22:35, Sam Smith 23:01, Mike Wright 23:07, Pete Ridley 23:23, Andy Short 23:35, James Constable 23:56, Megan Ellershaw 24:03, Stewart Clarke 24:06, Ben Heron 25:21, Dave Stunell 26:27, Dave Richmond 26:46, Nigel Walls 26:55, Dave Stevenson 27:10, Hilary Ainslie 27:14, Nicola Goy 27:40, Jane Masters 27:50, Jasmine Heron 28:01, Carl Golder 28:01, Luke Harding 28:13, Steph Dales 29:08, Joshua Carty 29:12, Sarah-Jane Gill 29:27, Bonnie Heron 29:45, Iwona Drummond 31:04 (PB), Deborah Cook 31:21, Sue Ridley 32:28, Lesley Fox 32:41, Sue Miller 33:51, Ella Shelley 34:01, James Carty 34:19, Loz Carty 34:20, Tracy Rookyard 35:09, Jonah Carty 36:15, Jacob Carty 36:15, Caroline Carty 36:21, Hannah Barnard 37:54, Sharon Stancer 38:08, Diane Constable 38:10, Pam Wren 40:29, Georgia Bodily 40:51, William King 41:09, Simon King 41:10, Aaron Goodsell 41:56 & Yvonne Goodsell 41:57. 49 out today with 2 fab PB’s. Volunteering today were Sarah-Jane, Pete & Sue Ridley, Gordon, Sarah S, Tracy & Isaac. Same again next week and don’t forget its ECR takeover, so be #loudandproud #greenarmy #hivizheroes #teameye

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parkrun Tourism

Results – Preston parkrun, 19/11/16 – Roy Young 23:58 & Lorna Young 44:39. Well done.

Results – York parkrun, 19/11/16 – Steve Allam 30:58. Well done.

Results – Moors Valley parkrun (Nr Ringwood), 19/11/16 – Glenys Waters 37:23 & Cliff Waters 37:24. Well done.

Results – Cambridge parkrun, 19/11/16 – Simon Lovell 29:55. Well done.

Results – Lincoln parkrun, 19/11/16 – Sue Heron 29:39. Well done.

Results – Fælledparken parkrun (Copenhagen), 19/11/16 – Dominick Hardy 22:49 (PB).
Well done!

Results – Valentines parkrun (Ilford, Essex!) – Gary Parr 24:57 & Michaela Giles 27:13. Well done.

Results – Brandon Country Park parkrun (nr Thetford), 19/11/16 – Tracey Barnes 24:12 & Paul Barnes 28:35. Well done.

Results – Penrhyn parkrun (North Wales), 19/11/16 – Hannah & Helen Casbon 33:39. Well done.

Results – Witton parkrun (Blackburn), 19/11/16 – Lee Whitton 22:39 & Laura Conway 24:10 (First lady). Well done #wittonnotwhitton

Results – Rutland Water parkrun, 19/11/16 – Fergus Barratt 22:31 & Vanessa Winters 29:54. Volunteering were Darren, Leah K & Steve K. Well done.

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